There has never been a better time than now to resolve chronic stress, joint pain, gut issues, bloating, blood sugar regulation, diabetes type2, negative eating patterns, excess weight, anxiety, migraines, skin issues, perimenopause symptoms, whilst boosting energy, lowering your metabolic age, and most importantly getting a good night’s sleep.

nutrition plans for women over 40 nutrition plans for women over 40

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Your program is designed especially for you, no two programs are the same. The food combinations on your plan are designed to naturally diminish your food cravings. You will feel fuller for longer and satisfy your hunger. You lose fat and inflammation quickly, which inspires you to stick with the eating strategies, learning new healthy habits, and the positive results shift your mindset. Clients talk of transformative results and renewed health. I love and endorse this science-led plan alongside the iwellness support method for a long term healthy balanced lifestyle


Overcome your sugar cravings, reset your digestive system and renew those sleep patterns whilst regulating your body fat. Whilst this is a short plan, it gives you the results and motivation to move forward with your health. These run throughout the year


Balancing hormones is key for a healthy menopause. Whether you choose to do this naturally with food as medicine and lifestyle hacks or alongside HRT, I can help you with a structured plan, providing you with support at what can be a liberating and empowering time of your life. Being supported and understood helps you action the self-care necessary to set you up towards the best menopause possible.


Taking care of your gut health is essential for your digestive well-being and overall health and vitality. By nurturing your gut microbiome through a healthy lifestyle and nourishing diet, you can improve your overall quality of life. The gut and brain connection is real and matters. I can help you here with a personal prescriptive plan.


Nutrigenomics DNA testing can indicate a predisposition towards a nutrient deficiency or toxicity, food sensitivities and even if you are at risk of nutrition-related diseases. Results will further personalise the right foods and supplements for you, leading to optimal health and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Lucinda Railton

A Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, specialising in Functional Nutrition, Metabolic Health, Weight Loss and Lab Testing

  • Diploma in Holistic Nutritional (DipBSY)s

  • Mind body Health Coach Institute of the Psychology of Eating (EPC)

  • Functional Nutrition Councillor The Functional Alliance (CFNC)

  • Metabolic Balance Coach Certified and Registered (DE)

  • Lifecode GX Nutrigenomics Practitioner

  • Advanced Reflexology Practitioner for Women’s Health (VTcT/iTEC/ART)

  • 3rd Age Menopause Health Coach

  • Member of The International Federation of Holistic Therapists (MIFHT)

  • Registered with The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

the iwellness method

    • After our complementary health review, we discuss your health goals and the ins and outs of what it means to work together for either 3 months, 4 weeks, or 21 days. Here is an outline of our metabolic balance 3-month program where I will teach, guide, encourage and motivate you to adjust your lifestyle behaviours.I will show you which foods work to balance your metabolism, and which foods may hinder your progress. You will receive support when you need it for maximum success.

    nutrition for women over 40
    • STEP 1

      Blood Test and Health Questionnaire

      Prior to your first consultation, we will discuss your current health and medical history, outlining any allergies, sensitivities and your food likes and dislikes. We take a full body composition analysis and send you for a blood screen. Understanding your day-to-day life and food habits make the program simple and achievable.

    nutrition for women over 40
    • STEP 2

      Tailor-made Nutrition Plan

      We will discuss your personalised eating plan, based on your unique blood analysis results. The consultation will cover the first two phases of your plan – the 2-day detox and 14-day adjustment. You will improve vitality at a cellular level and, if required, inflammatory weight loss. Only gentle exercise is recommended during this metabolic adjustment. We will discuss this individually.

    nutrition for women over 40
    • STEP 3

      Coaching Sessions and Follow Up

      Additional foods that you love will be added alongside a treat meal every week. Clients are often astounded as they continue to get their personal health results alongside weight loss as a happy side effect. A greater sense of vitality empowers the commitment to the new healthy habits.

    nutrition for women over 40
    • STEP 4

      Supporting Your Lifestyle and Future Health

      I am here to support you as you move into the forever stage, which is where you intuitively eat to enjoy all foods with the learnt strategies in place. Grab your free e-book now.

    nutrition for women over 40

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    nutrition plans for women over 40