Eating Psychology Coaching

What we think and feel connects to the chemistry of our bodies (metabolism)

"Your body hears everything your mind says"

When people say they want to speed up their metabolism for weight loss they usually talk about eating spice and exercise, take supplements and certain foods to kick-start a chemical reaction.All very useful to a point, but did you know metabolism doesn’t just occur in the body. It operates equally and simultaneously in body, mind, emotion and spirit.
The eight universal metabolisers are:
  • Relaxation
  • Quality
  • Awareness
  • Rhythm
  • Pleasure
  • Thought
  • Story
  • The sacred
So instead of feeling frustrated on a low calorie, low fat and low life diet, find out how to allow pleasure and possibility of stress-free eating… if you are interested in finding out more contact me for a free discovery session now.
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