Six Weeks to Wellness

How it works.

Our Six Weeks to Wellness programme has been specially designed for those who are seeking sustainable weight loss whist gaining new habits, support and inspiration, and without the need to count calories. It also provides you with a clear understanding of cause and effect of weight gain and loss.

It offers you insights into natural eating of the right amount to heal your body from within, which can free the body of hormonal imbalances, stress, whist helping to prevent diabetes type 2, heart disease, cancer and dementia.

Our initial programme is set as an initial six weeks period, and is focused around preparing the ground and conditions for you to achieve sustainable weight loss (management). This programme is sufficient for some, depending on personal goals. Habits start to set in 21 days, whilst they become automatic in 60 days. Most people like two to three of our 6 week programmes, and then continue with our online community to maintain their new habits and inspirations, whilst feeling part of a bonded group to enjoy as and when. Its entirely up to you!

Introductory Session

After an introductory session, which focuses upon a quick sketch of you, your daily lifestyle and habits, and general approach towards eating today, we will jointly set your personal goals. These goals will be realistic and ones with which you feel comfortable. At Intelligent Wellness, we believe that losing weight should be a happy and positive experience, and not an added stress and burden on your daily life. In these first six weeks, you will learn so much about your lifestyle, your habits, and things that you will want to change both in your mind and body.

Once your goals have been set, you will become part of a closed online community, where over the coming weeks, you will share experiences, and be inspired, motivated and supported by others together with your coach.

Ongoing Support

Each week, you will be given planning guides, recipes and tools to help you along your journey to wellness.

Once a week, you can attend a group session, where you weight will be monitored and a “Food for Thought” theme shared and discussed. We have found that these dynamic discussions really help you to visualise and be mindful of some of the obstacles which will present themselves to you along your six weeks, and we will provide you with solutions to help overcome these.

Throughout the six weeks, there will be ongoing support and advice available from our holistic and nutritional coach, in addition to lots of recipe sharing, together with posts and ideas to inspire and motivate you towards your personal goals.

At the end of week 6, we will evaluate how happy and healthy you feel, and discuss your next steps, and understand how Intelligent Wellness can continue to support your weight loss programme or simply assist you in maintaining your newly found habits.

One to One Approach

If you believe that the Six Weeks to Wellness programme is right for you, but that your busy schedule does not allow you to follow our group plan, then maybe our personalised one to one approach will be more effective. The programme offers all of the benefits of our group plan, and in addition, provides you with weekly individual sessions via skype with our holistic and nutritional consultant.

If you want to discover more about either of these programmes, simply email us at

Alternatively, why not request a short consultation to understand whether Six Weeks to Wellness is right for you, by using the "book a consultation" link provided?

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