As a holistic mind-body wellness coach, my aim is not merely to sell a product or service, but rather to offer an improved lifestyle. Naturally, the Nikken products often fit into the mindset of people looking for mind, body, heart and soul wellness. 
These wellness products combine science, nature and technology to provide total wellness solutions that deliver results. 
Please browse my shop and contact me if you would like to chat further, or build your wellness home and save money by joining 

Nikken as a consultant, or just to become a customer. The choice is yours.
The all-in-one multi-stage filter removes contaminants typically present in tap water - these include heavy metals pesticides and chlorine. Two-thirds of fluorine is also removed.

The Nikken system adds back essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese and sodium. 

The system is quick and easy to use straight out of the box with no plumbing required and can be moved around the kitchen or office.

The system has very good filter replacement rates - the filter will last for 900 litres.

Nikken water is oxygenated and naturally ionised, the water has antioxidant properties and is a big improvement to bottled water and it is BPA free.

Nikken water filters start at £265 and £36 for a replacement filter, considerably cheaper than buying bottled water.
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