Mind body Health - chronic dieting explained.

Food for thought!- Why you shouldn’t diet!
Chronic dieting is anti weight loss longterm!

Do you skip meals, feel hungry, push yourself to diet even though you don’t want to? This leads to an internal stress response, and increases insulin and cortisol, this low level stress creates hormonal imbalance. The thyroid and sex hormones are affected most and this affects your metabolism.
Low shallow breathing means the body takes in less oxygen and reduces its capabilities, de regulating appetite, reduces the building blocks of muscle fibre.

Denying yourself a natural function of the body by going on a diet and a host of metabolic issues are then created. Fear (or hate) of fat activates the central nervous system stress response. This immobilises us the deal with the stress. We live in this attack mode whilst on a diet. The body creates a new chemistry to fight the fight and this is why we hold on to the fat tissue for survival.

Body hate, pleasure denial, day in day out puts our body in this stress state before we have our usual daily challenges. When our cortisol is high ( due to the lack of essential fats) we don’t feel pleasure so we over eat to find the pleasure, we feel we over eat and feel guilty.

Cognitive impairment (brain fog) comes with the calorie reduction and hunger. Pushing yourself away from nourishment and natural nutrition will present in your weak spots. i.e digestive issues, low energy, immune wellness, brain function, (the brain is made from fat and water) poor skin and nails, the list continues.
Food restriction, especially essential fats over time decreases the cell wall functionthroughout the body.Protein restriction leads to decreased muscle mass. In time this limits thermogenic calorie burning and you will eventually be unable to lose weight.

People who chronically diet are often emotionally unhappy so try to adhere to the diet perfectionism and when unsuccessful, try again and it compounds itself.A vicious cycle often recognised by many women just trying to lose between 5-10lbs.

Address the following at a basic level with the i-wellness strategies to shift this mindset for sustainable health and weight management.
Nutrition, stressors, hydration and movement!

Health and happiness, Lucinda
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