Diets Simply Don't Work

An unhealthy diet and insufficient exercise are two of the main factors that cause weight gain. Eventually, the excess is converted into fat that tends to accumulate around the stomach. 

We struggle to shift this, and so what do we do? Most of us go on a diet and can be very successful through January. Then our old habits slowly return and the weight creeps back. Diets simply don't work!

The important steps in an effort to shift surplus fat in the body are removing processed foods as much as we can from our day, and any kind of movement. Incidental exercise is great, and the success lies in forming a very effective lifestyle, tailored to your needs, like the ones we structure at Intelligent Wellness. 

As an example, including green homemade smoothies and nourishing soups in your week, ones that you enjoy, can really diminish that stored fat for good!

We look at nutrients, not calories. We move more and stress less.  Join us to see how easy it is when you have the right support.

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