Happiness is an inside job.

Intelligent Wellness is about the ability to identify and evaluate things in order to take control, and create a healthy equilibrium between mind, body, heart and soul, resulting in an overall feeling of wellbeing.

We support health, happiness and weight management.

Many of us feel stress on a daily basis. Some people feel the constant need to start a diet or exercise more. We say “ditch the diet, love good food, stress less, move more".

On our Six Weeks to Wellness programme, for a minimum of six weeks, join like-minded people once a week who wish to gain health and happiness, and take the first steps towards becoming the weight you were designed to be.

Our groups and one to one service are here to support, encourage and inspire members to choose mindful and realistic ways to regain health and happiness for sustainable weight loss.

At Intelligent Wellness, we replace guilt with enjoyment, whilst keeping a check on our daily environment, slowly moving away from processed foods, large portions, and stress eating. Dealing with cravings for refined sugar is easier with support and the know-how. We replace these with“tasty real food", which takes little preparation, effort or cost.

Destress your body to release or gain weight, whilst improving your health and energy levels.

Our programme puts you in the driving seat of your health! 

Join Six Weeks to Wellness and start your journey towards finding a healthier and more sustainable plan to suit your needs.

Six Weeks to Wellness

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